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Need more drive? Lacey’s TJM can give you that with our TJM Pro locker.

Allowing you equal drive to both wheels, the TJM Pro locker is an air-operated differential lock which uses compressed air when engaged. Available for most model vehicles, the advantages of a TJM pro locker include:

  • Unique air operated piston style actuator aims to eliminate the risk of oil being pumped up the airline.
  • Hardened thrust washers and the size of the locking ring make Pro Locker extremely strong in operation.
  • Stronger materials and a thicker carrier compared to most standard differentials.
  • Larger pinion gears compared to most standard differential.
  • No carrier modification needed other than the drilling and tapping of a bulkhead fitting port.
  • Pre tensioned 10mm bolts hold hemisphere together.
  • Robust design equals less maintenance.
  • Reinforced rubber external hose extension is supplied as standard to minimize the risk of the airline being damaged by debris while driving.
  • Recessed coloured L.E.D cabin switches show clearly when TJM Pro Locker is on or off.
  • Patented design that has been used and proven in the field for over 20 years.

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